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Waste Removal and Tipper Hire in Skelmersdale | Reasons to Hire a Tipper Lorry

Are you looking for waste removal solutions for your next project? Need a large volume of aggregates delivered to your building site? There are many different ways to transport materials in bulk, such as hiring a grab lorry, but on this page, we will be exploring the benefits of tipper hire. A tipper lorry consists of a large bed which can be elevated, or tipped, by a hydraulic tipping ram.

This leads to a rapid delivery process in which all the contents are neatly deposited in the location of your choice. Active across St Helens, Skelmersdale, Ormskirk and wider Merseyside, ASC Grab Hire Ltd offers quality tipper services in the local area.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more about our services. We are always happy to discuss our options with prospective clients.

The benefits we will be discussing on this page are:

  • Greater Capacity

  • Rapid Delivery

  • Versatility


Greater Capacity

Thinking of hiring a grab lorry for a large-scale build? While grab hire is a fantastic way to transport aggregates and perform waste removals, tipper hire is always the smart choice when it comes to volume. That is because tipper lorries have a larger capacity relative to the size of the vehicle. Without the need for a grab arm, more space is freed up for a larger bed, resulting in greater capacity. This is especially relevant if your build in the Skelmersdale area is trying to keep costs low, or if you already have all the necessary plant on site.

Rapid Delivery

Is speed of the essence for your delivery? Do you not have time to manually unload each delivery? Then a tipper lorry is the smart choice for your project. If you need a large volume of aggregates delivered to your site as soon as possible, tipper lorries are by far the fastest option. Able to offload the entire contents of the bed in seconds, they are a great asset for builds on a tight schedule.


Like grab hire vehicles, tipper lorries are renowned for their versatility, being able to carry a wide range of objects and aggregates with ease. From hardcore and rubble to unwanted furniture, there are few limits to what can be transported by a tipper lorry. As with a grab lorry, you can expect a swift and professional delivery or collection with our tipper services. From aggregates to waste removal, contact us today to find out more about our services in the Skelmersdale area.

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