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Grab Hire in Wigan | Why A Grab Lorry is the Best Choice for Transporting Aggregates

Looking to have a large volume of aggregates delivered for an upcoming build? Wondering what the best way to transport your new materials is? On this page, we will be exploring three of the key benefits of choosing a grab lorry to deliver aggregates.

These include:

  • Precision

  • Independent Delivery

  • No Permit Required

Active across Southport, Wigan, Warrington and the wider Merseyside area, ASC Grab Hire Ltd is the smart choice for tipper hire, waste removal and much more. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more about our quality services in the local area. Our friendly team members are always happy to discuss our options with you and will offer competitively-priced quotes for your next project.



One of the main advantages of a grab lorry is the level of precision with which it can unload. While tipper hire is ideal for those looking to maximise speed and volume, grab hire is the smart choice for a precise delivery. All our grab vehicles come with a state-of-the-art hydraulic arm that is controlled by one of our trained operators, lifting and depositing individual items in the location of your choice. This means that we can also transport several aggregates in the same load with a grab vehicle, as the arm will precisely unload the materials without combining them. This makes them a popular choice for deliveries in Wigan.

Independent Delivery

Do you have no means of unloading a delivery? No problem! A huge benefit of a grab vehicle is its independence. Even without the use of a digger, a grab operator will unload your shipment with ease, saving you money on plant hire. This is especially valuable for small-scale projects and builds trying to keep costs low.

No Permit Required

Considering having your materials delivered in a skip for a residential build? If you are working on a smaller property, a road permit may be the only option. However, you can achieve the exact same results with our grab hire services without having to apply for a costly permit. A grab lorry can precisely deliver aggregates without any paperwork, working quickly to offload the necessary materials before moving on. This is one of the reasons to choose grab over tipper hire when delivering aggregates. Find out more about our waste removal services and other options in the Wigan area by getting in touch today.

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